Nottinghamshire County Council, provision of Classroom Extensions, Nottinghamshire

Client: Nottinghamshire County Council

Extraspace Solutions were awarded the contract for the design and construction of 4no projects by Nottinghamshire County Council. Works included substructure, superstructure, mechanical & electrical and associated external landscaping works. Projects varied from single classroom extension at Leen Mills Primary School to 4 Classroom Building, with group rooms and ancillary accommodation at Croft Primary School.

Extraspace Solutions planned and executed the delivery and installation of 24 modular units to the four sites over a 2 month period, commencing on site in April in Leen Mills and finishing with 5 Modules to Berry Hill Primary School in June.

Each module was craned into position and bolted into place. Delivery and weathering of each building took approximately 1 week. External finishes then took place, this consisted of a mixture or brick/render. 


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