Extraspace Solutions has Safely Completed many Projects within live School Environments, and have experience in Proactive Management of the On-site Health and Safety risks to Minimise any possible Disruptions.

Control Measures adopted to avoid Disruptions include:

Restrict unauthorised access to the Site - fencing is provided to the entire perimeter of the works area to ensure it is segregated from others. The Site Manager shall ensure that the site is locked securely at the end of every shift to prevent unauthorised access to the site. The necessary warning signs shall also be posted to the site boundary. No storage of materials will be allowed outside of site fencing.

Site Management shall continually liaise with the Client’s representative to inform of any possible disruption from construction activities.

Communicating with Contractors and Suppliers to ensure that Contractor’s vehicles and deliveries arriving to site are co-ordinated to avoid congestion in the local area. If necessary, restrictions are applied to avoid any vehicular traffic to schools during peak school traffic times.

Planning high-risk activities for outside of normal school operating hours, e.g. cranage installation of modular units at weekends when necessary.

A Code of Conduct for Working Within School Environments shall be enforced. This details requirements for operatives on site in terms of respectful dress code, engagement with children, restricted access areas, etc.

The use of mobile phones is prohibited on site.

Plant shall be isolated and immobilised when not in use to prevent unauthorised use. Hazardous Substances to be locked away when not in use. Ladders to scaffolds shall be removed outside working hours

Construction dust is managed by wetting down the immediate area, so that members of the public will be un-affected by the works. The housekeeping on site will be monitored daily to avoid any contamination outside of the site boundaries

As part of our ‘Good Neighbour Policy’, Extraspace Solutions shall put in place the following measures:

Post signage at site entrance to notify public of upcoming construction activities – Scope of Works, Site Management Contact Details, Important dates, etc.

Provide a Feedback box at entrance to allow the Public to inform of suggestions / problems. Feedback log maintained by Site Manager – recording communications with locals and what actions were taken.