It is our Responsibility to ensure that every Person who works for Extraspace Solutions returns home Safely at the end of the Working day.

Extraspace Solutions maintain our sites to be well-planned, secure, tidy, carefully laid-out sites with clear signage, excellent welfare facilities and designated pedestrian walkways.

To ensure that all our on-site operations are safe and adequately planned a comprehensive Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan is produced and implemented to ensure the smooth running of the project from site establishment to practical completion and handover. Extraspace Solutions Health and Safety initiatives on site include:

Detailed Site Induction Presentations for all Operatives before commencing work on site.

Establishing excellent Welfare facilities for all Staff, Subcontractors and Visitors.

We actively encourage everyone to play their part. A successful Hazard Reporting System is in place on site. Operatives that spot a hazard on site can formally report issues to Site Management through the ‘Shout – Cut it Out’ Cards provided on site. Operatives simply fill in the card, return it to the Site Manager or put it in the box provided. This can be done anonymously if they wish. They will get feedback on what has been done about what’s been reported. The most helpful suggestion will be rewarded.

Worker Engagement Programmes on site including Toolbox talks, Site safety meetings and Company EH&S newsletters.

As many of the projects that Extraspace Solutions deliver are within live Educational and Healthcare environments, Extraspace Solutions has developed robust systems to ensure the safety of members of the public and minimise any possible disruptions. See ‘Working in Live School Environment’ for a sample of Control Measures that we enforce.

Hazard boards are maintained in a prominent area – updated daily with planned activities, current risks on site, names of first aiders on site, etc.