Investors in People Award for Extraspace Solutions

Extraspace Solutions are delighted to announce that they have achieved the Investors in People Standard Award.

The Standard Award involves a very challenging Company process and is increasingly seen as a measure of a quality employer. Our success not only reflects our Company commitment, but is also an acknowledgement of the effort of every member of staff within our organisation.

Investors in People is all about realising the potential in our people. It’s not about the paperwork; ticking boxes and filling out forms. It’s about focusing on outcomes and priorities, ensuring that everyone has the right knowledge, skills and attitude to deliver our organisational objectives.

 IIP see people as the engine of success for responsible, sustainable and profitable businesses. People who take initiative, develop ideas, motivate colleagues and delight customers. The better our people are, the better we do. 

Achieving the Standard Award involved a range of interviews, with an IIP Practitioner and a large number of staff, gaining an understanding of how people within Extraspace Solutions feel about themselves, the Company and their input and contribution to the Company, and equally how the Company listens to and responds to each and every member of staff, and their needs.

As part of the improvement process, Extraspace Solutions undertook independently chaired meetings within each department. This review looked at the operations and working environment and produced recommendations for improvement in areas such as working practice, and the interaction with other departments.

These recommendations were brought by the independent chair host, to the individual department heads, and a total of 300 new and novel ideas were proposed. To date, over 150 of those ideas are either already undertaken, or in the process, with another 70 to be undertaken by year end.

The entire process involved significant input by every member of staff and contributed to a wide range of corporate changes. It is anticipated that a full review and repeat of the exercise will be undertaken towards the end of the year.

There is no doubt that Extraspace Solutions is a better place, for the effort, time and genuine enthusiasm with which the exercise has been embraced.

Well done to all our staff, as without your commitment, we could not have achieved the Investors in People Standard Award.