Extraspace Undertake Update of Agrément Certification

Building Methods evolve and thus the time has come for Extraspace to undertake a full and comprehensive review and update of our Agrément Certification

In conjunction with a number of Certified Consultants, we propose to enhance our Certification in a number of areas, to address:

  • Certification for up to four stories.

  • Different wall finishes – Traditional Brick, Brick Slip, Render, Cedar Cladding, Architectural Panel and Standard Plastisol finish.

  • U-Values – We propose to address and nominate the wall/floor/roof makeup for a wide range of u-values which will address today’s building requirements and those projected over the coming years.

  • Psi Values, r Values, y Values – With the increased concentration on u-values of the component elements, the junction between such elements is becoming even more important, with a combination of all elements contributing to the entire detail.

  • Floor Finishes – Concrete floor finishes, incorporating underfloor heating are becoming more and more common.  We believe it prudent to have a range of such finishes certified for loading, acoustics and thermal mass.

  • Roof Finishes – Warm deck finishes, concealing beams, has overtaken the more traditional modular roof finish.  This can incorporate green roofs, Kingspan top deck, standard Kingspan KS1000 RW.  Each will be modelled and Certified.

  • Interstitial Condensation – A full review of each component element will be undertaken by our Specialist Partners to ensure that all elemental makeup incorporates every measure possible to eliminate any possibility of interstitial condensation.

  • Fire Separation – Review and approve all details for Separation incorporating – Stair Cases, Light Voids, Service Risers and Compartmentalisation.

The review and certification of all of these elements will ensure that our Clients enjoy the benefit of wide ranging Agrément Certification, to cover almost all finishes applied to our Buildings.

Our Specialist Partners include:

  • Paul Murphy Architects

  • Building Life Consultancy

  • John McCarthy – Fire Consultant

  • Sol Acoustics – Acoustic Consultant

  • IHER – Thermal Modelling