Hollinwood Academy Installed in Oldham

Monday, 23rd February 2015 saw the operation to install Hollinwood Academy swing into action!

The 2 storey building to form the teaching and administration space is made up of a total of 72No steel framed modules.  It was a carefully planned operation to ensure that they were installed with minimum disruption to both the existing school and local community.  Installation planning goes through every detail of the operation; from loading in the factory in the required installation sequence, to the phased arrival of trucks on site to avoid peak times at the adjoining Newbridge School.

A 200T crane was positioned on site to undertake all the lifting and a 6 man experienced installation crew from Extraspace took care of everything else, under the supervision of Site Management and Project Manager, James Southall. 

Despite a few windy days and some heavy rain, all 72 modules were brought onto site and positioned within 6 consecutive working days.  This means that all major disruption is now over and we have 2500sq mt of accommodation on site, ready to go into the fit out stage of the project.