Lerwick Observatory Building successfully landed and handed over on the Shetland Islands

Having waited for the worst of the winter weather to pass, Extraspace Solutions successfully delivered an eyecatching new building for the Met Office to Lerwick on the Shetland Islands.

The new facility of 344m2 was shipped from Dublin over 16 hours of sea travel and 10 hours of motorway, taking over two days to complete the journey to site.

Arriving onsite at 7am on a Spring morning, all units were offloaded and in place by 3pm on the same day, with the final finishes completed over the next few weeks, and hand over the following month.

The new facility replaced the existing weather observatory (which was also demolished as part of this contract) and included the housing of a Dobson machine which can measure ozone taken from monitoring the suns movement.

For this facility to operate effectively, automatically operated roof lights were fitted and full side sliding window systems without mullions to afford uninterrupted views from the Dobson machine. The corner elevation window system was designed to open only one window at a time as room temperature had to be maintained at a certain level.

The facility also provides new management offices and a data centre for feeding information back to the main Met Office Centre as well as kitchen, toilet and drying facilities, meeting and reception rooms to hold school visits.

See our case study for more information and photo gallery